The UK’s exit project from the European Union, more commonly known as Brexit, has already been much discussed in the news, and that is far from over. What will be the technological impacts? What will be the case with data management outside Europe? These scenarios will be explore with you at our ProximIT breakfast on Octobre 22nd.

Currently act for 31 October 2019, the date of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is fast approaching. A “no deal” could have serious repercussions for both UK and European companies.

Regarding general impacts, it is most likely that Brexit will fundamentally undermine the free movement of people. Not only recruitment of highly qualified workers, but also commercial relations will be more difficult. This raises the question of the future of certain companies employing workers from other Member States of the European Union.

Technological impacts are also to be considered: The exit of the United Kingdom within the European Union can generate discouragement of the investors, but also affect and reposition some companies having chosen the UK for its presence in Europe and its privileged relations with the United States. On the other hand, the UK becoming a third party outside Europe, the question of standards, compliance and security rules will arise.

Another axis, finally yet importantly, is the data management outside Europe: We will discuss about the future exchanges of personal data, sensitive or confidential, between UK & EU companies. What constraints might be encountered in transferring this data to the UK? What impact for industries exporting or importing their service?


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