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The private cloud is based on a management model in which we provide you with our own infrastructure, hosted in Tier IV data centers in Luxembourg.

The infrastructure is entirely owned and managed by us, along with the various layers of services to deliver a comprehensive, fully managed, and optimized service.

Overall, the private cloud strategy primarily relies on implementing rigorous data backups, ensuring the security and availability of your data at all times and in any location according to your needs. Whether it's preventing data loss, ensuring swift recovery after a failure, or meeting regulatory requirements, the Private Cloud strategy is designed to offer complete and reliable data management, allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

How does the private cloud work ?

By working in a private cloud environment, you’re integrated into a shared infrastructure where services and technologies are already in place (dual firewall, antivirus scanning, etc.). Penetration tests are conducted annually to assess the security of the IT environment.

With Rcarré’s support in analysis, setup, and management of your infrastructure, you have access to two levels of services:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service): the cloud provider offers you a fully managed application on the platform
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) : the provider gives you access to an entire platform to meet various needs, from workspace sessions to specific business applications provided by a third-party provider


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Let’s define together the most suitable IT strategy to meet your needs.

We are at your disposal to guide you towards the most judicious choices to enhance the IT performance of your company, based on your needs and budget.”

Let’s discuss your project

What are the advantages of the private cloud ?

Guaranteed fixed costs

The cost of the infrastructure and the resources used is defined at the time of the offer. So, there’s no need to worry about additional costs during the setup and management of the infrastructure. You also benefit from additional technologies at no extra cost due to the mutualization of your IT environment

Enhanced control

By using the private cloud, you retain full control of your infrastructure, servers, and applications

A high level of security

The private cloud, reserved exclusively for your own use, ensures optimal security for your infrastructure. You can also enhance the security of your IT environment by adding additional security measures. Rcarré supports you in all data security processes and carries out reactive maintenance following any breaches!

Complete service customization

By using a cloud entirely dedicated to your company, you benefit from a service with infrastructure customized to your company’s needs

Optimal performance

By choosing a Private Cloud, you gain access to advanced computing resources, ensuring high and consistent performance for your applications and services

Scalability options tailored to your needs.

The capacity, storage, and computing power of the private cloud are estimated based on the requirements defined with our teams at the beginning of the project and can be adjusted according to the evolution and growth of your business.

A local service

For your convenience, all services of the private cloud are entirely managed by our local team, and infrastructure monitoring is conducted 24/7.

Site redundancy

For optimal security and to minimize the risk of disasters or technical issues, our datacenters are replicated at both the Bissen and Bettembourg sites.

Interested in hosting your sensitive data in a private cloud?

Our teams will support you in analyzing your situation and setting up an infrastructure tailored to your needs!

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image du call to action Rcube

You are a regulated entity and want to benefit from the advantages of a private cloud ?

Our private cloud, Rcube, is registered with the regulator as an IT Outsourcing service. This sets it apart from Cloud computing subcontracting.

As subcontracting management is a highly sensitive matter, the entity is required to conduct a comprehensive analysis of this subcontracting, even before opting for the solution.

Under current regulations, considering information security is essential in any form of subcontracting.

Notification to the regulator must be submitted before migrating to the cloud because time is needed to obtain approval.

In summary, by turning to a support PFS like Rcube, your procedures are greatly facilitated.

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