Tailor-made solutions for PFS

As a support PFS, Rcube takes care of the IT needs of regulated companies in Luxembourg. Most of our solutions and services are compatible with Luxembourg regulatory requirements.

Private cloud « R-Cloud »

Need a Luxembourg private cloud ? Our R-cloud solution allows you to outsource your business software or infrastructure in SaaS and/or PaaS mode without having to worry about reporting, compliance, and cybersecurity procedures!

Our private cloud solution is hosted in Tier IV Luxembourg data centers located on two separate and redundant sites to ensure maximum security in case of disasters. This allows you to restore your data and resume your activities promptly.

Public cloud

Prefer to opt for public cloud services to gain more flexibility? As an approved “resources operator”, Rcube guides you in choosing the solution that suits you best: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or even Microsoft Office 365 services.

Our teams handle the configuration of virtual machines, deploy additional resources as needed, provide user support, and ensure compliance with security and optimization best practices.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Does your business have specific needs that public or private cloud alone cannot fully address? Rcube Professional Services has the expertise to design a custom infrastructure for you!

Our experts analyze the essential criteria for a suitable architecture and assist you in your transition to a multi-cloud environment, including the IT components that remain on-site!


You need to rethink your infrastructure, aligning it with PFS standards, for a high-performance, reliable, and highly available architecture? From defining your needs to implementation, including the supply and deployment of the new IT infrastructure, Rcube’s teams accompany you from A to Z, while adhering to national requirements.

As an IT integrator with many years of experience, we offer you both “Hardware” equipment and the management of the working environment, monitoring services, backup solutions, all with maximum security!

Unified communication

Your communications need to be simplified, unified, secured, or centralized? Rcube offers you a range of collaboration and communication tools to streamline and improve your employees’ exchanges! Unified working environment, VoIP, collaborative tools, or even Internet lines, our experts guide you to the solution that suits you.

As a financial company, you may be subject to the MIFID II directive? Rcube’s VoIP solution allows you to comply with this regulation in terms of recording, archiving, reporting, and securing your communications!


Your IT security is essential to ensure the continuity of your activities, and this is even truer for financial companies! In Luxembourg, requirements in this area are tightened every year through various circulars.

Our cybersecurity team, Rsecure, guides and supports you in setting up all the security aspects of your IT; from training your employees, deploying tools, to drafting various processes, thanks to its H.O.P. methodology!

IT Services

Your IT needs to be maintained to be operational and allow your employees to be effective in their tasks. As a support PSF, Rcube has the necessary IT expertise to ensure the good health of your IT infrastructure and user support, in compliance with the regulations imposed on you!

Our managed services cover all of our areas of activity (cloud, infrastructure, unified communications, …) and allow you to delegate all or part of the IT-related tasks, such as user support, reactive and proactive equipment maintenance, on-site or remote support, etc.

IT Outsourcing

Do you have difficulty finding the right candidate for an IT project, or are you looking to outsource an entire service line?

Whether it’s outsourcing one or more IT services, our IT consultancy service (also known as IT sourcing) is adaptable to the duration you require.

Contact our experts who will be happy to assist you with all your needs!

CoOP : Continuity of Operations Plan

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and be prepared to be surprised.

In terms of good governance, your company must identify and document all risks that could impact its activities, even up to the survival of the company itself. The objective of the CoOP plan is to define, in complete compliance with current regulations, the best response strategy to address the risks of business continuity disruption.

Rcube, a support PSF, and its partner group Rsecure are experts in the three domains of crisis management, BCP (Business Continuity Planning), and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning).

Crisis management is the developed approach that will help the company deal with major and sudden incidents.

BCP is a strategic plan focused on the availability of business processes in all their forms.

DRP is a tactical plan focused on the recovery of systems in the event of a service disruption or a disaster affecting IT functions.

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