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Achieving an optimal and up-to-date infrastructure that meets all current needs requires a certain level of IT expertise. Rcarré assists you in analyzing, setting up, and managing your IT environment, catering to both small and large enterprises!

Do you want structured IT services for managing your infrastructure? Our teams are available to answer all your questions!

Why opt for infrastructure management at Rcarré ?

The IT infrastructure of a company plays an essential role in the continuity of its operations. Therefore, if you have a specialized team managing your IT system, you ensure that your employees can carry out their daily tasks more smoothly.

Maintaining your IT infrastructure is the guarantee of having increasingly functional hardware. However, no one is immune to a breakdown! Our “Hardware Support & Services” can address this issue by replacing manufacturer warranties with SLAs tailored to your needs.

We provide you with equivalent hardware during the troubleshooting period, allowing your company to continue its operations with peace of mind!

Choosing our services means benefiting from our advice and expertise to:

  • Ensure an operational, stable, and up-to-date IT infrastructure that keeps pace with market innovations.
  • Meet the specific needs of various departments within your company.
  • Safely store and back up your data.
  • Ensure the good health and functionality of your equipment through constant monitoring of your IT environment.
  • Enjoy high-quality hardware directly from our key manufacturers and partners (DELL)

How do our IT management services work ? 

To provide an optimal and tailored response to your company’s needs, our teams begin with a comprehensive analysis of your current situation. This allows them to gain the best possible understanding of your business, security, redundancy, and other needs.

Depending on your industry, all relevant regulations will be immediately taken into account

Once the infrastructure is reviewed or set up by our specialists, proactive maintenance and reactive support will be carried out by our teams according to the contract you have subscribed to.

In addition to all the security measures put in place by our experts to ensure the optimal security of your environment, “Firewall as a service” can be implemented to combat potential threats. “Firewall as a service” offers several significant advantages:

  • It can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • Firewall and license updates are carried out regularly and systematically.
  • Automatic and free replacement at the end of the warranty period.
  • Continuous recording of alerts detected on the Firewall and notifications according to the agreed-upon procedure and alert severity.
  • Rule adjustments in line with current security policies.
  • Rapid troubleshooting and replacement in case of a breakdown.
  • We offer a range of other services, solutions, and products to address all your needs and concerns. We are here to listen to you and provide support in making the right choices for your business!
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What are the benefits of these services for my company ?

Greater security

A robust IT infrastructure and its maintenance enable more effective defense against malicious software and attack attempts, enhancing data security.

Increasing system efficiency

A well-maintained infrastructure enables your employees to work efficiently and smoothly, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Improved collaboration

By utilizing new applications or current collaborative tools, you facilitate work, sharing, and communication among your various teams.

Better scalability

A well-designed IT infrastructure enables your company to more easily adapt to technological changes and developments.

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Hybrid architecture to leverage the benefits of various IT infrastructure models.

IT needs change and evolve as new technologies progress. Between private cloud, public cloud, or on-site infrastructure, several strategies are possible! When using two or more of these, it’s referred to as a hybrid architecture.

Hybridization is a clear asset in the context of your digital transformation. Depending on the needs of each company, we will install your application in the best location, whether it’s in the public cloud, private cloud, or a SaaS solution, while maintaining complete coherence in the solutions we offer.

In this infrastructure model, several possibilities are available to you:

  • Private cloud combined with public cloud
  • Private cloud combined with on-premise infrastructure
  • On-premise infrastructure combined with SaaS
  • Private cloud + public cloud + infrastructure + SaaS

All combinations are possible ! 

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Let’s define together the most suitable IT strategy to meet your needs.

We are at your disposal to guide you towards the most judicious choices to enhance the IT performance of your company, based on your needs and budget.”

Let’s discuss your project

Why opt for hybrid IT architecture ?

Hybrid IT architecture is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons:

  • It allows businesses to benefit from the scalability of public cloud according to their temporary needs, enabling them to quickly adjust their IT infrastructure to meet demand.
  • Data backups and redundancy are critical features of hybrid IT architecture, helping companies protect their data and minimize downtime.
  • The PFS certification of the private cloud ensures that the infrastructure adheres to strict security standards and complies with various regulations.
  • The availability of local support is also an advantage, providing a point of contact for technical issues.
  • Hybrid IT architecture also enables easier governance and compliance management, offering greater flexibility for exit strategies.
  • Process automation allows companies to more efficiently manage their IT infrastructure.
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Can a regulated entity safely benefit from management services ?

IT management by an external provider is a highly sensitive matter, and the entity is required to conduct a comprehensive analysis of this outsourcing even before adopting the solution.

According to current regulations, considering information security is essential in any form of outsourcing.

It’s worth noting that notification to the regulator must be submitted before migrating to the cloud, as there is a waiting period for approval.

Choosing Rcube as your support FSP makes things a lot easier, because we have in-depth knowledge of all the combinations mentioned.

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