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As your local partner, Rcarré can help you analyse and implement a tailored solution to your needs. Whether it's cloud, infrastructure, unified communications or security, our specialist teams are here to help, whatever your requirements!

Private cloud (R-cloud)

You want to improve the security, flexibility, and management of your IT services while retaining control over your sensitive data?

Rcarré assists you in analyzing and implementing the solution that suits your needs!

We offer :

  • Total control of your infrastructure
  • Maximum security
  • Optimal performance
  • Scalability
  • Guaranteed fixed costs

Public cloud (Azure)

You want to opt for a public cloud solution and need dedicated and structured support?

Rcarré guides you step by step through the analysis, implementation, and management of your infrastructure in Microsoft’s public cloud!

The public cloud solution guarantees you :

  • Scalability at any time
  • Maximum accessibility
  • Simplified management
  • Automation
  • Financial optimization


You need to rethink your infrastructure to benefit from a high-performance, reliable, and highly available architecture? Or do you have one or more offices that need to distribute data and applications or access your cloud?

We have the solution tailored to your needs! Our team guides you through the analysis and implementation of the solution that suits your requirements!

Our infrastructure pillar guarantees you :

  • An IT integrator and hardware supplies such as servers, storage, networking, software, Wi-Fi, and a working environment.
  • Connectivity and infrastructure: architecture, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Advice, governance, implementation, and testing of backup and resolution solutions.
  • Backup solutions, disaster recovery plans, and disaster recovery offices.
  • Hybrid cloud and application-driven analysis to define the ideal architecture.
  • Specific applications supported by a wide ecosystem of partners.

Collaborative Environment and Communication

Do you want to improve internal and external communications, facilitate the mobility of your employees, and offer the best collaborative environment to all your stakeholders? At Rcarré, this is possible!

Our teams offer you :

  • Integration of communication tools into a unified environment (Avaya and Innovaphone)
  • Communication equipment tailored to your needs (physical phones, software…)
  • Virtual switches and Voice over IP
  • Collaborative tools that facilitate your exchanges: instant messaging, document sharing…
  • Internet connection and telephony to optimize your performance and costs, deployment…


Safeguard your Data and Business Continuity with Rsecure!

Are you concerned about the security of your data and the continuity of your business, protecting it from the risks of cyberattacks or any other IT threats?

Our Rsecure team, specialized in cybersecurity, guarantees support in implementing the necessary protections for your environment.

As cybersecurity is an essential issue, it is crucial for your company to have all the tools needed for your protection. Let’s work together to combat the threats looming over your business!

We offer :

  • Strategy, risks, and consultancy (H.O.P methodology)
  • Securing your infrastructure with strong authentication, data encryption, Firewall as a Service, etc.
  • Securing mobile devices and managing your IT infrastructure
  • A password vault for your passwords
  • Penetration testing
  • Infrastructure monitoring with Esia and 360° monitoring with Egide
  • User training to raise awareness among your teams

IT services

Do you need a qualified IT and telecommunications support to resolve your issues, manage your information system, provide proactive assistance, support your users, or bolster your existing teams?

Effective IT support reflects a positive image of your organization to your clients and partners. Call our team for tailored and qualified support!

Our support services allow you to :

  • Outsource IT management
  • Access a service desk
  • Benefit from reactive and/or scheduled on-site or remote support from 7 AM to 7 PM (5 days a week) with a 24/7 option
  • Analyze the most suitable solution for your organization and needs
  • Obtain architecture, auditing, and reporting services
  • Manage projects

Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP)

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and be prepared to be surprised.

In terms of healthy governance, your company needs to identify and document all the risks that could impact its activities, right up to the very survival of your business.

The aim of the CoOP plan is to define the best response strategy for dealing with the risks of disruption to your company’s business continuity.

Rcarré and its partner group Rsecure are experts in the 3 areas of crisis management, BCP and DRP.

  • Crisis management is the approach developed to help the company manage major and sudden incidents.
  • BCP is a strategic plan focused on the availability of business processes in all their forms.
  • The DRP is a tactical plan focused on recovering systems in the event of a breakdown in services or a disaster affecting IT functions.

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