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With the ongoing digitalization of businesses, safeguarding sensitive data and computer networks against intrusions has become a priority to prevent various forms of cyberattacks.

Rcarré, through its subsidiary Rsecure, offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to effectively secure the digital infrastructure of its clients. This includes identifying and assessing security risks, as well as designing and implementing security measures tailored to each business.

Our methodology to ensure your cybersecurity ?

Our cybersecurity strategy is based on the H.O.P (Human, tOols, Process) methodology.

  • Raising Awareness Among Humans

On the human side, your employees need to be made aware of the risks associated with your IT environment. Our team of experts provides in-person or online training to help you detect threats and respond to them!

Additionally, we also conduct phishing awareness campaigns to assess your teams’ behavior and responsiveness when faced with attacks!

  • Get the best tools on the market

In addition to user training, we also help businesses invest in the appropriate security tools. We can recommend firewall solutions, antivirus software, intrusion detection tools, encryption solutions, and other technologies to protect your IT systems against potential threats.

Furthermore, we work with you to understand the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and the threats your business faces. This assessment helps identify the necessary security measures to protect your company against potential attacks.

Some examples of tools available


Rsign is a digital signature solution specially developed by Rcarré in collaboration with Nowina to enable professionals and businesses to offer trustworthy solutions for online signature operations.


Reduce the attack surface and meet compliance requirements with simplified privileged access management!


Darktrace is a tool based on self-learning artificial intelligence technologies designed to identify and block all attack attempts. The AI learns from user behavior to reduce false positives (erroneous detections).

In the event of a detected vulnerability, our team supports you in monitoring the threats identified by the tool, managing them, and implementing action plans.


Antivirus software remains an essential foundation for protecting your infrastructure from malicious software attacks. The solutions we install all benefit from real-time database updates to prevent common attacks from infecting your data.

If you want to implement a specific tool that is not listed here, contact us to learn more about all our security solutions.

Stay safe from cyber attacks with Egide !

Egide is a cyber-monitoring tool that helps you monitor your IT security. The Egide box captures logs and software versions from your equipment and sends them to our cloud. This information, received in real time, is analyzed to detect vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and launch the appropriate alert. This data can then be used to create reports tailored to your needs.

Rsecure’s managed services help you optimize the use and benefits of the Egide appliance.

Why adopt Egide ?

  • No extra cost : one tool, one interface, one man
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Alerts handled by you or our cybersecurity experts
  • Better visibility and control of your infrastructure

Egide is based on the NIST Framework and monitors on 3 levels: the health of your infrastructure, the vulnerabilities of your infrastructure, and your existing cyber tools.


  • Infrastructure
  • Firewall
  • Network
  • Machines


Vulnerability scanning

  • Vulnerability detection
  • Reports with real-time graphical dashboards


Tools monitoring

  • Supervision
  • Back up
  • Microsoft connectors
  • Microsoft performance indicators
  • Supports VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix servers

Establishing processes to enhance security

Our professional cybersecurity team creates and provides you with the processes you need for optimal security.

  • Policies : Our experts assist you in drafting and implementing company procedures and policies to ensure secure task execution (e.g., DRP).
  • Maturity analysis : We assess your cyber maturity against various standards. Based on self-assessment, we develop a personalized action plan to help you address identified gaps.

  • CISO as a Service : Outsource the management of your IT environment’s security with our on-demand CISO services! Our CISO takes care of risk analysis, record maintenance, and advises you on all aspects of cybersecurity. They provide monthly guidance and implement the H.O.P methodology within your company!
  • Risk management and analysis

To secure each workstation optimally, we also offer customized security policy implementation services to meet your company’s needs.

Our professionals collaborate with you to establish clear and precise policies for password management, access to personal information, mobile device management, data backup policy, and application security.

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Let’s define together the most suitable IT strategy to meet your needs.

We are at your disposal to guide you towards the most judicious choices to enhance the IT performance of your company, based on your needs and budget.”

Let’s discuss your project

Risk management and continuous improvement

Rcarré also offers cybersecurity incident management services to help businesses minimize the impact of data breaches or other cyberattacks. Additionally, we can assist you in implementing emergency response plans and procedures to handle security incidents.

Finally, we provide security monitoring services to swiftly detect potential threats and respond accordingly. We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure to identify suspicious activities and anomalies, taking immediate action to minimize the impact in the event of a cyberattack.

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You are a regulated entity, and you prioritize your cybersecurity?

Rsecure specializes in providing cybersecurity services for regulated businesses such as financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare enterprises, and more.

We understand that security requirements for these entities are stringent and require in-depth knowledge of current regulations. That’s why we offer our cybersecurity experts to assist you in securing your IT environment.

By engaging our services, you will be in compliance with the security standards and regulations set forth by your regulator.

Furthermore, our cybersecurity solutions are systematically tailored to the requirements of each regulated entity, and we work closely with our clients to ensure the security of their systems and the confidentiality of their data.

Entrust us with the security of your regulated business and focus on your core operations.

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