Why should companies rely on hyperconvergence?

Accelerate the transformation of your IT and improve its efficiency, agility and automation through the unification of storage, networking, backup, data protection,… within hyperconverged infrastructures.

What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence is a kind of software-defined IT architecture that brings together, within a single virtualized solution, all the components of the infrastructure, namely the storage, processing, backup, network and virtualization elements of the physical servers present in the infrastructure of a company.

This solution above all simplifies the deployment of virtual machines, while allowing cost control and improved operational efficiency.

The strengths of hyperconvergence

The reason for turning to hyperconverged infrastructure solutions is that they lead to many areas of improvement and simplification.

One of the strong points of hyperconvergence is its evolving nature. Indeed, the company can evolve the capacity of its environments as its needs. To do this, it only needs to add additional nodes in order to increase the storage capacity and the power of servers networked without compromising the overall architecture. By its software configuration, hyperconvergence brings the flexibility and agility required by companies.

In addition, administration consoles of hyperconverged platforms simplify the management and provisioning of aggregated resources through a single and centralized interface. Provided with rules and effective mechanisms, these solutions save you time in your administrative and technical support operations.

Moreover, simple automation is the key element of the Software Defined Datacenter model. Because all the resources are combined and software-based, the administration console includes possibilities of scripts planification and creation, without any dependency of hardware modules or heterogeneous products. Everything is encapsulated in one environment.

Additionally, in an hyperconverged environment, the protection of your data is ensured thanks to integrated security and data management policies. Indeed, the backup, restoration and recovery of activities (following a possible disaster) are included in this solution.

Finally, the use of hyperconvergence is an economically smart choice for companies, thanks to lower IT spending (reduced operational costs and operating expenses), while improving the overall quality and reliability of their infrastructure.

Try it it’s adopt it!

The use cases are numerous:

Consolidate your infrastructure, support a critical application or a remote working, perform tests or developments requiring performance, simplify your backups and disaster recovery, or implement edge computing or hybrid cloud.

The implementation is identical to a conventional infrastructure project. We can support you in this project to redesign your IT infrastructures project through consulting, integration, practical workshops, demonstrations, “try and buy” or POC (Proof Of Concept).

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