Why and how can you reduce your digital footprints ?

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Undoubtedly seen as one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, digital technology today represents a major asset in any company’s activities. Although it has become indispensable, it’s no less important to think about how we use it on a daily basis.

How do we do this, and what questions should we be asking? Sylvain Chery, Partner and CSR Manager at Agile Partner, and Serge Sauvage, PSF Director at Rcube, give us a few tips for better digital management.

The digital

Today, digital technology enables us to collaborate and communicate more effectively, and is an integral part of our daily professional lives. Over the years, it has enabled us to improve the management of our activities, leading to greater performance and better business health.

But while digital technology enables companies to develop rapidly, it also hides sides that deserve just as much attention. Let’s take a closer look at these points of attention and the role we all have to play…

What is digital ?

Digital represents all applications that use a binary language to classify, sort and distribute data“. Source : Cairn.info

When we talk about digital, we mostly think of the daily use we make of it with our smartphone or computer. But in reality, it’s the entire life cycle that we should be taking into account, from the manufacture of the equipment to its end-of-life, a cycle during which materials circulate between different continents.

The environmental impact of digital technology

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the various environmental impacts caused by digital technology. These include

  • The extraction of resources, at a social and environmental cost that increases as resources are depleted.
  • Electricity generation, still largely based on fossil fuels, and water consumption to power and cool infrastructures and equipment.
  • Waste treatment, which still poses many challenges.

But while these facts may give rise to many fears, we have a real role to play in improving the situation. Make way for digital responsibility!

Digital responsibility

Digital Responsibility is a global approach aimed at creating economic value by creating new activities, as well as social and environmental value. It will also reduce the economic, social and environmental footprint of digital technology over its entire lifecycle, without in any way preventing more positive use.

Green IT in the workplace

To answer this question of a more positive use of digital technology, Rcarré has launched a brand new project this year: Device As a Service. Companies will be able to rent computer equipment under contract for 3 years, before refurbishing it and giving it a second life! By offering a longer life to IT equipment, we are responding positively to the problems of production, which represents a significant environmental impact.

  • As users, businesses need to find the right way to use digital, reduce their footprint, reuse hardware, repair what can be repaired and recycle what is needed. You can also assess the impact of your digital use to better understand where to prioritize action.
  • As publishers of digital services, companies should eco-design their digital services and combine high-tech and low-tech in a judicious way.
  • Finally, as equipment manufacturers, companies should eco-design their products to simplify repair, extend their lifespan and facilitate recycling.

In conclusion

In conclusion, to reduce the environmental impact of our digital uses, every decision counts, whatever your sector of activity. Whether you work in IT or any other field, you can manage your business in the most optimal, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

What’s more, without waiting for the regulatory constraints that are sure to follow, there are many benefits to be gained from a Responsible Digital approach! From a purely business point of view, this approach will generate financial gains, stimulate innovation and boost your competitiveness! From a social point of view, this approach contributes to your attractiveness as an employer and contributes to your duty of vigilance with regard to human rights. Finally, from an environmental point of view, this approach enables you to reduce your impact, to show greater respect for the living world and to contribute to safeguarding an ecosystem that is conducive to your business!

Let’s not overlook the extent of our responsibility in digital life, and work together to improve it.

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