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Maintenance to ensure, recurrent updates to carry out, need to defend against external attacks (viruses, phishing attempts,…), willingness to develop software, lack of IT resources,… Many companies can quickly feel overwhelmed by the different computer interventions to carry out. However the good management of their IT infrastructure is directly reflected in their performance.

Once IT is not part of the core business of a company, it seems advisable to rely on an effective and more competent trusted partner, which will free up resources that can, therefore, be focus on their key activities.


Our IT sourcing service

As an IT expert, we propose to all types of companies an IT sourcing service.
Concretely, thanks to this service, it is possible for the companies to have at their disposal an experienced IT consultant for a short time in the case of precise missions, or during a longer period for the reinforcement of a team or for the daily management of their IT structure.

This service provides different benefits for the company:

  • First of all, as IT services and solutions are our core business, we know the skills that companies need and we are able to propose them the right profiles, as soon as possible.
  • Then, companies should not worry about the supervision of the IT expert placed within their team, nor the part related to human resources (trainings, coaching career,…), this being an integral part of our mission.
  • Finally, according to the service-level agreement (SLA) provided in the contract, we can also ensure the replacement of the IT technician in case of planned or unannounced absence (statutory holidays, extraordinary leave, health reason,…).

Our main objective is to support both SMEs and large companies in “continuous improvement” approach. To achieve this, we are proud to have our team of multidisciplinary, professional and reactive IT experts.

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