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Why focus on IT project management?

Project management

Migration to the cloud, transformation of a computer park, relocation, adoption of new telephone solutions, adaptation of solutions to technological changes,… IT projects are becoming increasingly complex due to the diversity of players involved and the direct impact of these projects on the client’s environment. The objective of IT project management is to ensure that this impact is minimized as much as possible.

IT project management are increasingly requested by companies of all sizes and are therefore becoming an effective organizational method.

The different stages of IT project management

  • The first step is the definition of objectives, where the client’s needs are clearly identified. It is also at this stage that a budget and a deadline are set.
  • This is followed by the drawing up of the project specifications. It is here that the project manager will propose the appropriate technologies, both hardware and software, while respecting the client’s requirements. This project specifications will also mention all the resources to be used during the project.
  • Once the offer has been validated by the client, the concrete implementation of the project. It is during this stage that the project manager will take charge of and manage relations between the various stakeholders (client, suppliers, technicians, etc.), guarantee technical compliance, respect for constraints, and validate the final deliverable (by ensuring that it meets the client’s expectations).
  • Throughout the project, communication will be essential. On the one hand, the service provider will maintain communication with the client for each stage of the project, in order to provide maximum support. On the other hand, he will also have to coordinate communications between the different actors involved.
  • Once the project has been finalized, the service provider’s work does not stop there, as post-project support is provided. This includes, if necessary, any corrective actions, training sessions for end users, or the drafting of explanatory documentation.

Change management

It is important to be fully aware the problems can arise during the course of the project, and you must be able to manage them. The same applies to deviations (from the schedule, the budget, or the chosen technologies- which may occur as a result of the service provider’s changing understanding of the client’s needs or, on the other hand, as a result of the client’s better understanding of the technical specifications.

It is therefore necessary to show great flexibility and responsiveness in order to be able to adapt: by modifying an element in the initial project, or by completely creating a new project in parallel for the same client.

The benefits of IT project management

Project management will help you optimize your IT environment, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. Using this service will therefore allow a better return on investment.

You will also benefit from new technologies that you may not have thought of. Indeed, the experts, through their experience and training in the latest technologies, will guide you in the best choices to make according to your situation.

Finally, having a team dedicated to the management of your IT projects will ensure that the deadline is respected (thanks to the identification of potential problems in relation to the initial schedule and the implementation of corrective actions), as well as the cost (thanks to the anticipation of the risks of deviation and the introduction of corrective measures to avoid exceeding the allocated budget).

IT project management at Rcube

Our team is able to offer a transversal service, both from a technical point of view, with the preparation of hardware, software,… and from an organizational point of view, with the coordination of suppliers, the planning of actions, etc.

Out tem supports you in the various phases of managing your IT projects: from the definition of the specifications to the final acceptance of the project, including the allocation of resources, the assignment of roles, the identification of impacts, assistance in the choice of partners and solutions, communication and coordination between clients and suppliers, management of the schedule and budget, quality control, and post-project support. All this, while striving to minimise the impact on your employees, as well as guaranteeing professional quality!

As a result of our multi-disciplinary team, and our extensive experience with clients in a wide range of fields and industries, we are able to work with a multitude of IT technologies, and rely on proven methodologies to help you develop the most appropriate IT strategy for your business.

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