How to ensure the performance of your business applications ?

Performance appli metiers

We’ve all experienced the frustration of slow applications or technical glitches that waste our time and, consequently, incur avoidable costs. So, how can you combat this loss of productivity and what actions should you take to optimize your working time? How can you ensure the performance of your business applications?

To assist you with this, there’s ip-label! Founded in 2001, ip-label helps companies manage and optimize the performance of their critical applications. Their user-centric products and services enable organizations to improve the availability and response times of their applications.


Business applications and technical environment

Today, to meet these ever-increasing demands, it’s essential to implement a strategy for optimizing the performance of business applications (CRM, ERP, HR, finance, etc.).

To gain a clearer understanding, let’s explore three operating models for business applications:

  1. In-house: Internal responsibility for infrastructure, application, and updates. Internal technical teams manage the service end-to-end.
  2. Outsourcing: An external provider manages the infrastructure (network, servers), and the company retains control over application updates and changes.
  3. SaaS: The software and operation are entirely the responsibility of the provider.

Benefits of monitoring business applications ?

Why monitor business applications? Here are a few reasons:

  • Ensure high-performance access regardless of the load.
  • Optimize incident resolution time to avoid impacting end-users.
  • Measure the impact of information system transformation and performance changes.
  • Formalize a service level agreement (SLA) for user experience with business units or IT service providers.
  • Identify the source of slowdowns: always strive to resolve the issue.
  • Anticipate and substantiate user complaints: be alerted to malfunctions before they affect end-users.
  • Automate low-value tasks.

Ways to boost performance

To maximize performance and work efficiently, continuous monitoring through robot monitoring and load testing is essential. Monitoring helps anticipate user complaints, alert technical teams before user calls, and track response time trends over time. Load tests, on the other hand, help identify application limits, isolate the most load-sensitive functions, and prevent non-regressions between two application versions.

So, don’t forget to conduct load tests and monitor your applications! This way, you’ll enhance your performance and optimize your working time. Now you know how to ensure the performance of your business applications.

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