Create, Collaborate, and Share Effectively with R-File! 


Why this partnership? 

Between Oodrive and Rcarré, it’s a story of complementarity. Oodrive specializes in collaborative cloud solutions, while Rcarré-Rcube focuses on IT infrastructure and support. It was therefore logical for our two companies to come together to offer our clients a simple and high-quality user experience. 

Furthermore, both of our companies are of human scale, diversified in our respective sectors, and close to our clients. 

Finally, this partnership reflects our shared commitment to digital sovereignty. We are aware of our dependence on the Internet and digital technologies, with the sovereignty of states becoming increasingly contested. We must remain in control of technology and company data from legal, social, political, and economic perspectives.  

And to meet this need for sovereignty… R-file! 

R-file is a platform hosted entirely in Luxembourg that meets the GDPR requirements of the country. It is operated solely by Oodrive and us, ensuring swift product action, installation, and resolution. Furthermore, thanks to its PSF requirements, Rcube maintains a culture of confidentiality with regular audits. 

Lastly, Rcarré-Rcube is committed to sustainable IT through internal initiatives aligned with increasing corporate social responsibility. 



Who is Oodrive ?

For the past 20 years, Oodrive has been involved in sensitive data management. By partnering with Rcarré, the French provider of data sharing and backup solutions, Oodrive aims to address the PSF (Professional of the Financial Sector) requirements of its Luxembourgish clients and enable them to collaborate on sensitive content while streamlining teamwork. 


Why choose R-file ?

Choosing R-file means opting for a simple, intuitive solution that requires no training. It fulfills five document sharing criteria that simplify your management: 

  • Share: No more sending documents via email or file transfers, which are often insecure methods! With R-file, the installed Outlook plug-in allows you to send files as links, regardless of their size. This reduces email clutter, making sending and receiving files easier. 
  • Collaborate: The solution enables collaboration on sensitive content with internal or external stakeholders, depending on your preferences. You can grant clients access to certain directories and suppliers access to other documents with different permissions, as needed. 
  • Retrieve: With the widespread adoption of remote work, you can work from anywhere and at any time using your computer or tablet. R-file allows you to find all your documents, regardless of the device you use, and even based on keywords. 
  • Version Management: When collaborating, users need to work on a single document. The solution ensures this and allows you to switch versions or work on an older version of the same document. 
  • View: Thanks to the viewer, you can preview up to 300 types of files without downloading them. 

All of this comes with extensive traceability, as you can be informed about the document’s status, its opening, and its sharing. 

A Few Things to Note… 

Our platform has been deployed in SaaS mode in our two Luxembourg data centers. Storage spaces are replicated from one data center to another to ensure the security and accessibility of the solution. 

Additionally, as Oodrive does in some countries, it is possible to install the solution entirely on-premises at your request if you wish to retain the entire infrastructure within your premises. 

Finally, since access to the solution is through a browser over a connection encrypted by a digital certificate, everything is encrypted! There is no plain transmission with R-file! 

Interessed by the Oodrive’s solution ?

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