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Rely on mobility management within your company !

« I am stuck in traffic jams… Given the delay that my GPS announces me, I will certainly miss my important meeting. I tried to postpone this meeting, to no avail…

This opportunity will certainly slip through my fingers, because of a problem of circulation!”

“I have an important meeting that takes place more than 200 km from my place of work. I do not want to waste so much time on the road. It would be so much easier to conduct a videoconference where the different stakeholders would be able to present live documents.”

Mobility in Luxembourg in few figures

We are convinced that you recognize yourself in these fictive situations.

Many of us take the car to commute to work, and it has become common to lose a lot of time on these trips.

This can be explained by various factors:

  • The population of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has increased significantly over the years (increase of about 65% between 1981 and 2018, with a strong constant growth since 1987).
  • The number of cross-border workers has also grown strongly (increase of approximately 220% between 2000 and 2017).
  • Luxembourg ranks 10th in the “Global Talent Competitiveness Index” (and 6th in EU member countries), making it a country that knows how to attract and retain talents in its territory.

This causes significant disturbances. For example, in 2017, motorists were stuck into their cars on average 33 hours in Luxembourg-City.

Why not digitize your desktop?

Continuing to work easily outside the workplace will increase the efficiency of your staff. Indeed, by allowing your employees to work from home or go to satellite offices, they can avoid, among other things, the delays caused by traffic problems.

However, you must ensure that your employees have access, at any time and in any place, to the same workspace and applications than office, in a secure, simple and transparent manner. To do this, virtualization of workstations remains one of the best solutions. Indeed, thanks to new technologies, including migration to the Cloud, you can incorporate the mobility of your staff into your strategy.

It is also important that your employees remain reachable no matter where they work. To do this, be equipped with modern communication solutions (Voice over IP, instant messaging,….), documents sharing solutions (with management of access rights, simplified interface,…) and collaboration solutions (virtual meeting room, interactive whiteboard,…), will allow communications of equal quality and at a reduced cost.

Finally, assuming that exchanges between your employees and their interlocutors lead to an agreement, it is now possible for them to affix their signatures, conclusively, on the various required documents, thanks to our electronical signature platform.

Security above all

However, it is essential to respond to security imperatives.

Due to the multitude of accessible data and their invaluable nature, remote activities must be secure and compensate any risks of intrusion or data leakage.

To do this, various means must be considered:

  • The encryption of all data on the devices
  • Tracking and erasing software in case of theft or loss of a device
  • Authentication systems (double factor, strong, biometric,…) allowing the securing of remote access and tracking connections
  • The monitoring

By combining these mechanisms, you will ensure the protection of your data, invaluable elements of your assets!

How to start?

Are you convinced that enterprise mobility must be part of your strategy? We invite you to meet us so that you can explain how your business works. In this way, we will able to advice you in the choice of end-to-end mobility solutions most appropriate to your requirements and your specificities.

In addition, we are committed to using our proven expertise in many areas in order to support you as best as possible during the implementation and use of these solutions.

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