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Why use Microsoft Teams, this all-in-one application for your business?


Nowadays, due to the diversity of needs, skills, generations and personalities within a company, it is essential to provide your employees with adapted tools, taking account the work methods of different generations. To that end, a number of applications that bring together different collaboration tools in a single place have been developed.

However, one of them stands out from the crowd, Microsoft Teams. It is a versatile and unified collaboration and communication tool leading to an unprecedented teamwork by facilitating the flow of information within your company.

You don’t know or are not yet using this solution? Here are 5 reasons to adopt it!

An optimized intra and inter-enterprise communication

No more heaps of emails in your inbox where it can be difficult to find your way around! Microsoft Teams enables you to create teams and organize communication channels according to your projects and topics addressed, allowing you to properly structure your various exchanges.

Whether this is through a one-to-one conversation or a group discussion, Microsoft Teams offers different means of exchange (chat, videoconferencing, voice call) to get in touch with people inside or outside your company.

In addition, you will be able to find out the availability of your various interlocutors, thanks to the synchronization with their Outlook agenda, saving you a lot of time.

Finally, the integration of chat with other Microsoft products such as Office and OneNote, enables you to have an efficient communication, where sending attachments, taking comments,… will be done without smoothly!

Our little extra, the unified telephony solution included in Microsoft Teams

Rcarré and Rcube enable you to make voice calls by using the device of your choice (phone, softphone, smartphone,…), while keeping all your existing parameters, thanks to the integration of traditional telephony systems (telephone exchanges, cloud, routing, call number,…).

An effective organization of online meetings

The organization of a meeting can be a difficult task. What to do if a person finally can’t be present? Or if documents needed for the meeting to run smoothly have not been distributed beforehand?

Microsoft has thought of everything and makes possible to share all kind of documents during an online meeting, thanks to access to instant messaging. And it does not end there… Indeed, screen or whiteboard sharing (that can be modified by everyone present in the meeting) are also possible. Finally, in case of need, the content of your Teams environment (documentation and discussions within teams and channels) remains available during the entire meeting.

If someone is absent, you can record the entire meeting and send this recording to anyone who wants to be kept informed of what was said.

An improved collaboration through a facilitated teamwork

The creation of teams and communication channels is one of the key features of Microsoft Teams, and it leads to optimal teamwork, because of it brings together the people who are competent on a particular topic/project, giving them access to the necessary documents and tools.

Thanks to Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with several people on the development of a document, using the integrated Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint,…) and this, instantaneous. Since every document shared in Microsoft Teams is saved in the cloud, team members always use the most recent version, without having to do any research.

In addition, the conversation history keeps track of the team’s decisions, as well as the various comments made by team members throughout the project or document writing process.

 Effectiveness of employees, even they are travelling

It is not uncommon, with the geographical location of the different stakeholders (partners, clients,…) and the evolution of the professions, to have to work outside the workplace. Therefore, allowing your employees to access their documents anytime and anywhere will lead to a greater efficiency.

Whether you are at the office, at home, or on the road, Microsoft Teams allows you to stay in touch and have access to the various files stored in this application. Indeed, Microsoft Teams is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone,…), thanks to its desktop application, its mobile application or directly via the web browser (Edge, Chrome and Firefox).

Data security guaranteed

With the same level of security than Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams allows to encrypt the data contained in its application, as well as prevent the transmission of sensitive data to the outside. In addition, reporting and rights management services are also available. Finally, attached to the secure and compliant cloud of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams ensures end-to-end compliance by respecting the requirements of the HIPAA law as well as various regulations (RGPD, HITRUST, SOC 2, …).

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