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Rcube Professional Services… 1 year later!

Rcube, 1 year
On 18 January 2018, Rgroupe announced the purchase of all the shares of Systemat Professional Services (formerly Agil-IT), while changing the name to Rcube Professional Services – to mark its membership of Rgroupe. One year later, growth is on the agenda both from a human and financial point of view!

The beginnings of Rcube Professional Services

In 2016, Rgroupe acquired 55% of Systemat Luxembourg and created the support PSF “Systemat Professional Services”. In January 2018, Rgroupe announced the acquisition of 100% of its shares. The objective was achieved: Rgroupe is once again independent.

Thanks to the reinforced skills resulting from the combination of the different strengths present, Rgroupe is able to support all IT requirements of companies, regardless of their size, whether they are PSF or not.

Rcarré / Rcube, what’s the difference?

The difference between these two companies lies in the profile of their customers. On the one hand, Rcarré is mainly oriented towards “Small and Medium Enterprises”. As these companies tend to rely entirely on their service provider, Rcarré adopts a “single point of contact” approach. On the other hand, Rcube deals with PSF companies as well as large accounts, which are subject to heavy regulations and where a strong dependence on IT is felt. In this case, governance remains in the hands of the customer.

These two ways of working are however similar through their unique offer of services and solutions (Cloud – Security & Compliancy – Data – Digital Workplace – Hardware & Renting – Expertise) in order to support their clients’ business.

The summary, 1 year later!

The year 2018 ends with a 9.2% growth in turnover, 23.6% additional projects, 2410 cloud users, and more than 3000 active customers.
In an effort to support its customers in complying with the new regulations in force, Rcube has acquired 3 new fully equipped BCP (Business Continuity Plan) rooms during 2018 to enable the companies concerned to comply with the new CSSF 18/698 circular.

The year 2018 was also marked by the award of the “Made In Luxembourg” label by the Chamber of Commerce for the services offered by Rcube, including Cloud services hosted in Luxconnect’s Tier IV data centres.
The HR summary is also positive: despite the different ways of working, the synergy worked! Today, more than a hundred people are employed at Rcarré and Rcube. And the team continues to grow: 15 new experts will join the company in 2018.

According to Estelle Miard – internal sales, the feeling of anxiety at the start was quickly dispelled thanks to the warm welcome of the whole team.

For Pierre Lakaie – Account Manager, the first feeling remains the rapid integration of Systemat Luxembourg staff into the group’s values, which are, among others, proximity and humanism.

Finally, according to Serge Sauvage – Quality Manager, the takeover went smoothly thanks to the kindness, listening and respect of the management. He quickly felt integrated and recognised for his skills.

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