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Rcarré, Rcube, and Rsecure have been awarded the CSR label!

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Since 2001, Rcarré has been providing its IT expertise and know-how to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Luxembourg, France, and Belgium. In 2012, Rcube was established in response to a high demand for compliance among businesses regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). The activities are the same, but its status allows our PSF subsidiary to serve a larger number of companies. Finally, in 2021, Rsecure joined the group with its specialized cybersecurity subsidiary!

This year, our new goal was to obtain the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) label!

Rcarré, Rcube, and Rsecure, with a focus on continuous improvement…

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, it seemed logical to align our strategy with the goal of obtaining the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) label and contributing to sustainable development by taking responsibility on both social and environmental fronts.

Our teams embarked on this task and developed a strategy that, following a company presentation, aimed to meet the expectations of all our employees. Once our initiative was well underway, this strategy aimed to position us on key actions that were relevant to the majority of our company. Among them, we highlighted waste sorting, volunteer work to support local communities and social causes, improvements in the quality of work life (flexible hours, telecommuting…), and a commitment to ensure equal access to resources for all.

Our long-term goal is to raise awareness among all our employees about these actions. Although some of these actions may seem small, they hold great significance in a world where cooperation, equality, and environmental respect are essential. To successfully implement this project, an internal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team was created to support our employees and oversee various CSR initiatives.

Finally, in July 2023, we obtained the CSR label issued by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR), and we are proud of this achievement.

Our group is committed to embracing these values and will make every effort to uphold this label.

What the future holds in terms of social responsibility remains to be seen…

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