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How to anticipate the end of life of the fax machine?

Telecoms players in Luxembourg have announced that fax transmissions will become increasingly complicated and will not be guaranteed with the “All-IP”. (MIXvoipPOST Telecom).

Indeed, the VoIP technology is optimized for voice transmission, which brings real benefits for customers (cf nos solutions VoIP). The management of the fax protocols via IP remains limited, the transmission is not optimal. It remains supported by our teams but will no longer be guaranteed.

In this context, what are the alternatives to the fax machine?

  • Emails: you can attach all types of files as attachment in your emails (the maximum size of the files varying from one provider to another). Various options in the electronic mailboxes also allow you to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the email, or an acknowledgement of reading.
  • The electronic signature: our Rsign solution is a digital trust platform allowing to sign documents electronically. Since this solution is drawn up in accordance with European legislation (eIDAS), the documents signed by this means have legal value and are accepted as evidence by the courts. The Rsign solution has been developed in a simple and intuitive way, so that everyone can use it easily.

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