Concentrate on your key activities without worrying about a possible disaster!

Complying with the CSSF 18/698 circular by ensuring that your business is maintained is possible thanks to the backup and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) offers from Rcube Professional Services.

Due to their inestimable nature, the loss of your information is directly detrimental to the viability of your business. It is therefore essential to implement a business continuity management system that defines, among other things, the means to be implemented after a disaster.

This necessity is reflected in the CSSF circular 18/698 which, since 23 August 2018, obliges Luxembourg investment fund managers to implement a back-up solution in order to ensure the continuity of their activities in case of unavailability of their IT system following a major incident or disaster. If deemed necessary, a regular check of the backup capacities must also be carried out. In addition, Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS) are required to have a business recovery plan (BRP) in place to ensure that their data and business can be accessed quickly.

Our solution

To guarantee the continuity of your activities, Rcube Professional Services provides you with secure backup and hosting solutions (Tier IV data centres) for your information, giving you several off-site back-ups in the event of a disaster. This prevents the inevitable loss of all your data.

Secondly, Rcube provides an easily accessible off-site back-up site at its Capellen offices (close to the motorway and with a car park), capable of taking over following an incident at any time. It consists of 3 fully equipped BCP rooms (PCs, telephones, printers, high-speed Internet, etc.) that comply with legal requirements. PFS tests and reports are also carried out every year to ensure the smooth running of this site. In addition, benefit from unrivalled responsiveness thanks to the presence of our ICT experts in the same building as our alternative work areas.

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