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Did you know that cybercrime is the second most reported topic in the press, after the coronavirus issue? This shows the importance of cyber security! Living in an increasingly connected world, it is necessary to have a global approach in its security strategy.

According to an article published in the Luxemburger Wort , more than 800 cybercrime incidents were reported to the Police Grand Ducale in 2020, and 2,251 attempted cyber-attacks were detected to render websites inaccessible in Luxembourg over the same year!

One of our missions as an IT service provider is to provide our clients with a global IT solution to their needs, and cybersecurity was a pillar that was missing from our already wide-ranging offer (cloud computing, digital workplace, VOIP telephony, technical resources, hardware and software supply, governance, and IT security).

We therefore partnered with a specialist in cybercrime and IT governance, whose sole business is security, to create a new company within the group! The challenge of Luc Cottin, CEO of Rsecure, will be to make IT security available and accessible to all companies, including SMEs!


The main activities of Rsecure will be focused on :

  • the implementation of cybersecurity solutions to counter any potential attacks that would be prejudicial to your business,
  • compliance services to ensure compliance with national and European standards, frameworks, specific CSSF standards, etc;
  • and access to an e-learning platform to train users in good security practices, but not only!


We have already put in place 7 services that will allow SMEs to protect themselves from all risks related to the use of new technologies, cyber-attacks, but also to delegate the role of monitoring and compliance.

The catalogue of services offered by Rsecure already includes the following services and solutions:

  • Phishing campaign: Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a phishing attack? Our phishing campaign service will be useful to train your teams to detect the warning signals, and to set up training on the subject thanks to our e-learning tool
  • E-learning: our e-learning platform already includes a “cybersecurity awareness” training course, and every month a new training capsule will be offered on the subject of security. Other training courses are also offered, such as Office 365 training, or training on the tools of the Microsoft suite, but also training on demand.
  • CISO as a service: possibility for small organisations to benefit from the skills of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) without having to hire a full time person! Rsecure will take care of the risk analysis, the maintenance of the registers, and advise you on the whole cybersecurity part. The aim of this service? To establish a cybersecurity strategy with clients via training and tools.
  • Compliance: to enable SMEs to comply with all national or European rules and standards (GDPR, or CSSF standard for regulated companies), to avoid any financial penalties which can represent very large sums and also to protect the company’s reputation, particularly by avoiding data breaches.
  • Defence plan: Companies that keep their customers’ data cannot afford to get by with minimal security measures that are no longer adapted to the evolution of threats. Rsecure has developed three plans to improve your security position:
    • Basic defence plan, every company should at least have such a plan
    • Fundamental defence plan with more controls helping companies to define and achieve their strategic objectives
    • Organisational defence plan to put in place a long-term strategy to secure the environment and infrastructure.
  • CIS CSAT: What is CIS? The Center for Internet Security is a set of simplified, prioritised, prescriptive controls on cybersecurity best practice. This CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool helps organisations adopt CIS controls, and makes it easier for teams to implement, track and document the powerful security guidance in CIS controls.
  • CSSF 20-750: certain companies regulated by the CSSF must comply with the “20-750” standard, which has many impacts on cybersecurity. This circular is very complex and contains about 100 questions to be filled in. Our solution based on a web interface will allow the entities concerned to access all the questions and obtain a report that can then be submitted to the CSSF.

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