Digital governance and instance productivity skills.

For more than a year now, many companies have been forced to adapt their working conditions to cope with this health crisis. Teleworking has been easily integrated for most employees over time. However, for governance authorities, managing meetings online is proving to be more challenging.

DiliTrust and Rcube Professional Services, an effective partnership.

DiliTrust is an IT software publisher specialising in data management and digital governance solutions. Clients such as Vinci, Renault Nissan and Lavazza (among others) already rely on DiliTrust to digitalize their governance and management authorities.  DiliTrust is a trusted company that has established itself in the French market. Joining forces with Rcube Professional Services allows us to enter the Luxembourg market while benefiting from the necessary PSF certifications.

Digital governance in a few words.

The trend is not yet to drop meeting rooms for good, but rather to move towards a hybrid way of working. This digital governance is based on 4 key points:

  • Mobility: thanks in particular to tablets, access to meetings from anywhere and at any time
  • Hybrid work mode, i.e. having the same access facilities at home as in the office
  • Optimisation of performance: with digitalisation, time saving is synonymous with efficiency
  • Security: an essential point for companies, especially since the increase in teleworking and the deployment of VPNs.

The DiliTrust Governance Suite, an innovative solution.

As part of a policy of optimising performance, DiliTrust offers a complete remote meeting solution that provides several facilities:

  • The follow-up of past and future meetings is assured, everything is archived.
  • The meeting notification system allows the creation of groups according to the concerned people
  • The integration of electronic signature to sign the attendance sheets (thanks to an API)
  • Note-taking and document annotation
  • Modification or removal of documents related to a meeting (even at the last minute)
  • Easy editing of the minutes thanks to the automatic transcription of the meeting plan.

These features offer considerable time savings, but they don’t stop there!

  • The messaging system integrated into the solution allows the members of the instance to communicate in complete security.
  • The complete tracing of documents makes it possible to know who consults and edits documents in due time.
  • A voting system is integrated, with the option of anonymising votes, as well as displaying the participation rate.
  • Cloning of recurring meetings facilitates and accelerates the process of creating a new meeting (no need to start the process from scratch, the settings are duplicated!)

Luxempart’s testimony

Luxempart is an investment company listed on the Luxembourg stock exchange with a large client portfolio. During our webinar, Anne Bradfer, Office Manager at Luxempart, shared her experience with the DiliTrust suite.

Before the arrival of DiliTrust Governance, communications were done by email, with all the problems that this could cause (files too large, email box full, email not received, email not read or lost in the mass of other communications,…).  The considerable time saving is the most common benefit of Luxempart, along with the ease of use and intuitiveness of the solution.  Just a month after installation, Luxempart employees were already fully autonomous with its use.

Of course, as Anne Bradfer mentioned, there was some apprehension among the people involved in the digitisation process, but this was quickly dispelled thanks to the desire to digitise and to the guidance, training and support provided by the DiliTrust teams.

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