How to avoid data leaks?

In the age of digital transformation, a company’s know-how is found in its methodologies, but above all in the offices, factories, employees… and the data they handle.

The loss and leakage of this data can hamper the productivity of a company’s teams on the one hand, directly affecting its performance, and the image that the company reflects on the other. Digital security must therefore be everyone’s business and a priority for the company.

However, if the cores of infrastructures are well protected and awareness is raised, companies tend to forget about end access points (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

In order to protect this digital heritage as completely as possible, while complying with regulations, Rcube Professional Services offers you its managed solution, R-Protect.

Our R-Protect solution

In concrete terms, R-Protect is a unified central console for the security and compliance of workstations (physical and virtual). This solution, complete in terms of functionalities, is declined around various axes, such as:

  • Disk encryption: R-Protect enables you to encrypt all the data present in your IT environment, protecting it in the event of theft or loss of your hardware.
  • Control and management of peripherals and applications: Through this software, you will be able to specify which peripherals and applications are authorised to be installed on your devices. You will also be able to limit user access for each device. Finally, encryption and wiping solutions are available.
  • Data loss/theft prevention: Thanks to in-depth content analysis and regular checks, our tool enables you to identify, control and protect your stored information, in order to limit the leakage of sensitive data.
  • Threat protection (ransomware): R-Protect protects your systems against ransomware and new virus attacks with its automatic detection and removal capabilities.
  • Phishing: Tests are carried out internally to ensure IT security awareness.
  • URL filtering: With advanced URL filtering to protect your network from risky web content and malicious activity, offer secure web access to your employees.

Take advantage of the benefits of SaaS

Being hosted in the cloud, this tool requires no prior installation or investment. In addition, thanks to its fixed price per user and its use in the form of a subscription (including software solutions and associated services), you will be able to easily manage your costs.

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