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Founded in 2000, Oodrive is a software publisher whose core business is protecting sensitive data for businesses. The company offers a collaborative suite comprising cloud solutions: file sharing, secure conferencing, and electronic signatures.

Oodrive meets the most demanding security certifications at the European level, as it is certified ISO 27001, ISO 27701, eIDAS, and HDS.

It is also the only publisher to offer SaaS solutions and SecNumCloud qualified infrastructures—the highest level of security awarded by ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France). This ensures the protection of sensitive information and data for private companies, public administrations, OIVs (Operators of Vital Importance), and OSEs (Operators of Essential Services).

Our Partnership :

We now integrate the Oodrive Work collaboration solution into our data centers.

By partnering with Oodrive, we create a strong partnership based on customer satisfaction, with shared commitments to sovereignty, confidentiality, and data protection being reinforced.

Furthermore, in line with our commitment to improving our carbon footprint, Oodrive is engaged in corporate social responsibility and implements measures for a more responsible digital world. It also annually compensates for the residual part of its greenhouse gas emissions.

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